Wins by Tigers could bring Detroit

Wins by Tigers could bring Detroit

DETROIT Art Neely said he considers the $5 beer he downed before the Detroit Tigers final game of the regular season a down payment on the $200 he expects to spend at each playoff game.

town is going to go crazy, the 43 year old season ticket holder said at the Elwood Bar Grill near Comerica Park, where the Tigers played the New York Yankees Monday night in an American League divisional playoff.

The throngs of Tigers fans may bring as much as $74.4 million in tickets,cheap nfl jerseys food, parking, and merchandise revenue to the Motor City, where 22.5 percent unemployment and the bankruptcy of two automakers have left residents hungry for good news, a Michigan sports marketer said.

In Boston, the Red Sox record September collapse and loss of a postseason berth mean that city will miss out on an estimated $38 million in business, according to the city convention and visitors bureau.

This year is the Tigers first playoff appearance since 2006 and the first division title since 1987. Detroit clinched during a 12 game winning streak that ran into mid September, the team longest since 1932.

On a good night, a few thousand customers will stop in at the Elwood or sit on its patio for a Coney dog, a Ty Cobb salad, and a beer, said Liz Markle, 41, the Elwood manager since 2002.

Jason Orban, who is stationed with the Army in Hawaii, flew in for the first game of the series. He figures his family group spent $800 to attend the game.

Flights, beers, jerseys, and game tickets add up to about $5.3 million a game in the first round of the playoffs, $6.7 million for the American League Championship Series, and $12 million each if the Tigers make it to the World Series, said Eric Smallwood, senior vice president of a sports marketing firm in Port Huron, Mich.

He said it would mean as much as $36.8 million in advertising exposure from in stadium signs and other mentions for Comerica Inc., a bank holding company based in Dallas, if the Tigers were to play all the potential home games and win the World Series, he said.

With the Detroit Lions at 4 0 for the first time since 1980 and the season starting for the Detroit Red Wings, who have not missed the National Hockey League playoffs since 1991, Detroit three downtown stadiums could bring in $140 million in September October revenue, said Mike Bernacchi, a business professor at University of Detroit Mercy.

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