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Air Quality

Actual Client Air Ducts Before Cleaning

In January 1985, Newsweek magazine published a startling report regarding indoor air pollution. This report linked 50% of all sicknesses, and thousands of deaths annually to indoor air pollution.

Bacteria, which thrive in air ducts, cause Legionnaires disease. In tests conducted by The National Allergy Institute, it was proven that mold and fungus in air ducts are a major cause of irritation to respiratory and allergy sufferers.

This condition is further compounded by homes and businesses striving to be airtight and energy-efficient. In these “airtight” structures, we are finding that inside air may be more contaminated than outside air. Dangerous chemicals can be present in the air ducts due to large amounts of construction dust and debris left behind by the builders.

Carbon monoxide poisoning from gas furnaces becomes a real threat if a furnace is full of dirt and dust. When gas burners and exhaust pipes become plugged, it causes incomplete combustion, allowing dangerous gas fumes to escape to the duct work.

One of the primary dust problems in homes and offices is within the duct systems and furnace fans of residential and commercial buildings. As the blower kicks on, dust is blown throughout the home or office. Let Breathe-Easy reduce the dust level from excessive to normal.

Breathe-Easy™ Air Duct Cleaning utilizes sophisticated equipment specifically designed to clean your air ducts, furnace, and heating and air conditioning systems in your home or office. By using our powerful vacuum and air compressor, we can create a cleaner, healthier environment for you to live in.

If your family or employees are experiencing trouble breathing, are light-headed, dizzy, coughing, sneezing, or feeling fatigued, then your air ducts are highly suspect and should be inspected immediately!

To schedule an appointment, or to learn more about how we can help improve your air quality and the safety of your home or business, please click here or call 918-742-2000.