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Fire Safety

Keep  Your Family and Employees Safe in The Event of a Fire

Every year, families and loved ones perish as a result of a fire due to poorly maintained chimneys. While the bulk of these accidents could have been prevented through regular cleaning and maintenance, chimney cleaning is frequently ignored. Wouldn`t you rather be safe than sorry?

Most people do not know what to do in the event of fire. If you have a chimney in your house, we strongly recommend you put your family on high alert and put together a plan for emergencies. Make sure everyone understands the danger of a household fire, the proper way to respond, and where the fastest exits are on each floor of your house.

Home-based businesses are no exception. If you work at home, remember the goal is to get your and your staff out of the burning building fast. Do not let yourself get distracted with trying to save belongings or critical business information. Nothing is as important as the lives of those you work with.

Remember, younger and older people will be most challenged during a fire. Youngsters frequently get scared and tend to rush into burning hallways or smoke-filled rooms without a second thought. Older people may get scared and think they are unable to save themselves. Even the most level-headed person can make critical errors in judgment. Rushing in to a burning building to save pets or personal belongings should be avoided at all costs.

Here are some helpful tips to remember:

• Smoke can kill you, so get away from it as quickly as possible

• If a door is hot, then don`t open it

• If your clothes catch fire, drop to the floor and roll — don`t panic!

• Purchase a fire extinguisher and emergency ladder

• If you have children, make your fire drills into a game to keep them interested

• Create a formal escape plan and practice it until it is perfect

• Check appliances and connections prior to leaving on vacation

Above all, get your chimney cleaned once a year. If you use your chimney to burn a lot of wood, this is not an option. And remember, as your home ages, your chimney ages, too. Be sure to get it inspected annually and make structural repairs before an accident occurs.