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About Us

Who We Are. What We Do. And Why We Do It.

In 1981, Dean Schwoegler started Clean Dean’s Chimney Sweep Service. As a result of his success, he opened Breathe Easy™ Air Duct Cleaning in 1985. To date, both companies have serviced over 37,000 customers throughout Oklahoma.

While Clean Dean’s is focused more on residential customers, Breathe Easy services all markets including residential, commercial and industrial. Commercial clients include office buildings and hospitals, and industrial clients include factories, and manufacturing plants and facilities.

Breathe Easy™ Air Duct Cleaning and Clean Dean’s Chimney Sweep Service are also members of the leading industry associations including:

We pride ourselves on our good name in the industry and that our services are recommended by many different professionals including:

• 35 of the top heating and air conditioning companies

• 5 leading allergists and doctors

• 5 leading fire restoration companies and several major builders, re-modelers, and carpet cleaning companies

And remember, we are bonded and insured for your safety.